Script/Director/Editor: Dovid Loew
Production: LoweFilm/BramGoth Prods., L.L.C.
Format: 35mm Color & B/W 100 min. (estimated length)
Language versions: English, German
Insightful feature-length documentary film inspired on motifs from iconic Holocaust scholar Hannah Arendt's landmark work "Eichmann in Jerusalem: the Banality of Evil" (1963). The production closely follows Ms. Arendt's notions that not all socio and psychopaths look like genuine genocidists and it is only the more keen among us who can recognize them for who they are in reality. This is especially true of contemporary political extremists and white nationalists in the world today. For if we are unable to recognize these fiends whom they really are, there will be no hope in identifying and attempting to stop such a subversive political movement in the future. In Development.