Script/Direction/Editing: Dovid Loew
Producer: Michael Whitehead
Narrator: David Kasnitz
Historical Research: David Rothmann, Westland Liezender
Production Design: Jeremy Todd
Sound Design: Roberto Qualia
30 min. Color + B/W HD 
Comprehensive documentary  film short on the history of "The Night of Broken Glass" -  Kristallnacht, which was Nazi Germany's first pogrom against the Jews on the night of November 9th and 10th, 1938.This tragic story is told through authentic vintage archival motion pictures and rare photographic imagery depicting the spark which ignited the Holocaust. World premiere: 11.09.2022 Vimeo. Winner: Best Documentary Film Short 2022 at the Swedish International Film Festival - Winner: Best Documentary Film Short 2023 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival (Bali) and in 2023 was nominated for Best Documentary Short at the Berlin Filmhaus awards.