About Us

LoweFilm Productions, a division of BramGothProductons, L.L.C. is an independent motion picture production company which has been in the motion picture industry since 2005, with well over sixty-five documentary and feature film productions. 
Multi-Award-Winning film director Dovid Loew is head of the production division which focuses on various genres, including, history, sports, cinema history, the Holocaust in documentaries, and paranormal horror, sci-fi horror, and serial killers, etc. Mr. Loew's films have been showcased and exhibited throughout the world at international film festival engagements, and other public venues.

Film Director Dovid Loew

Dovid Loew has directed countless alternative and diversified film productions from short films to full-length documentaries and feature-length productions on world history, sports, cinema history, war and human conflict, social justice, since 2005.He has recently written and directed his first feature-length horror film entitled "Found Footage Horror Project: Devil Worship in the Texas Hill Country" (2023), and is currently working on two feature film projects pertaining to sci-fi horror ("Alien Armageddon," 2024) and "Serial Killer" (2024).)