Script/Director/Editor: Dovid Loew
Production: PiccoloFilm/Truthtelling Films
Format: 35mm Color & B/W Length: 100 min.
Language versions: English, German
The twisted culture of Nazi Germany was perhaps the most sinister and diabolical so-called "kultur," as they liked to refer to it as during Hitler's evil 12 Year Reich from 1933 until 1945. This production, utilizing rare, and in some cases, lost color and black & white archival film footage depicts the national fever all Germany was under during mankind's darkest period. The film depicts not only the propaganda campaign unleased by Hitler and Goebbels during their rise to power and eventual outbreak of the dreaded Nazi "Blitzkrieg," paving the tragic road of the  Holocaust which resulted in the deaths of six million Jews, and countless others in the killing machinery of the Third Reich. It was in fact, Nazi culture which was the twisted, perverted prelude to the terrible Holocaust which would follow. Completed.