A feature-length motion picture documentary project based on the tragic Babi Yar massacre as a heinous act of German and Ukrainian volunteer troops engaged in monstrous genocide during the Holocaust.

Babi Yar: Lessons of History

Script/Director: Dovid Loew Producer: Michael Whitehead Narrator: Zev Freudenstein Historical Research: David Rothmann, W. Liezender Production Design: Jeremy Todd Sound Design: Robterto Qualia Footage Restoration: Simon Kaplan Editing: Davy Klein + Cal Krueger Color 5.1 Surround Sound HD. Production: 2024.
Feature-length documentary film chronicling the history of the tragic Babi Yar massacre perpetuated by Nazi German Waffen-SS troops as well as Ukrainian volunteers during the Holocaust. This film depicts for the first time newly discovered color silent footage of the actual massacre in home movie form on 9.5mm and 16mm vintage film materials painstakingly restored and mastered onto 4K HD with surround Sound.