Film Awards

Filmmaker Dovid Loew was honored in August 2023 with the prestigious "Golden Hand" trophy by the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival in recognition of his directorial accomplishment for the feature-length horror film "Found Footage Horror Project: Devil Worship in the Texas Hill Country" (LoweFilm Prods., 2023).Likewise, his "Found Footage Horror Project" received the prestiges "Crystal Plaque" in recognition as "Best Feature Film" by the Miami International Gold Film Festival in September 2023.
Mr. Loew has also been honored at international film festival competitions, including the Swedish International Film Festival where he was recognized for his directorial achievement with his documentary "Kristallnacht" (LoweFilm Prods., 2022); the 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival in Bali, and other events. Loew has been nominated countless times for his many documentaries and feature films.